Emergency Management: Preparedness when Disaster Strikes

Electric Energy Former Soviet Union 1982 - Full size Every day when you glance at the news headlines across the world, you will find at least one bit of news about disaster striking somewhere. Our world today is changing rapidly. No matter where you are, in all probability you are likely to experience the wrath of Mother Nature. During these times, it is very important for all to know how to handle such dangerous situations. It is necessary that both adults and kids alike respond quickly and efficiently to save not only themselves from harm, but also be capable of providing the much needed help to the affected people. It is here that emergency management agencies like the emergency management agency of Clay County plays a very crucial role in equipping the denizens of the society to take control of the disastrous and dangerous situations, saving valuable lives and property. Such agencies are expert in disaster management and they effectively direct volunteers to save more lives.

The emergency management agency deals with several tasks that include the prevention, the planning, equipping people to prepare themselves, to coordinate with other agencies and the recovery after a disastrous situation. The agency not only cover the natural disasters but are also invaluable during forest fires, terrorist attacks, hostage situations, hazardous spills, and even accidents that involve a lot of people.

The agency trains and educates people on how they could prepare and even, at times prevent a disaster. They also undertake to teach effective communication among all the agencies that are responsible for transportation, law enforcement, fire, and public works. Such agencies are a boon to the society, as they are capable of effectively educating the general public to be prepared for any contingencies and also encourage them to efficiently volunteer themselves to save lives rather than remaining mere spectators in natural calamities and other situations.

Every Adult and Child Can Learn Disaster Preparation Skills

Solar Electricity: How it’s Made, How to Use It | Energy Rant BlogEvery occupant of every home and apartment in every neighborhood needs to understand the need to take personal responsibility to be prepared for any natural or man-made disaster. Our modern technological advances and infrastructures that include emergency services, electrical power, water, natural gas, phone service, cable TV service and sewer systems fosters complacency in that those systems will always remain on. The truth of the matter is that those systems are all fragile. Most are not aware that there is only about a day’s worth of groceries in any grocery store that serves an area. If the trucks stop bringing in the food, the store is empty in about a day.

If the power goes out, air-conditioners and furnaces stop working. Cash registers at local businesses stop working too. At the gas station, even if they chose to go cash only while the power was out, the gas pumps would not work because they are powered by electricity. No one is going to get cash from an electrically powered ATM at their local banks either. Hospitals and critical services have generators. Continue reading Every Adult and Child Can Learn Disaster Preparation Skills